Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Watch and we’re expecting it to be the Galaxy Gear S4. We first heard about it being developed in the United States and reportedly going back to Android with Wear OS. Samsung Gear S4 Wear OS was spotted online a few months ago and we thoughts it’s time for Tizen to retire. We’ve shared with you what we know so far and we’re expecting more information will be shared further until the official product announcement.

The Gear S4 is said to arrive with Bixby support. We find it interesting because the smartwatch is launching with Wear OS instead of Tizen. We’re not thinking much about the design of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch but we’re more interested in the features. The next-gen Note 9 will have Bixby 2.0 and so will the next-gen Gear watch. Bixby isn’t widely available but we believe the South Korean tech giant has plans for it.

Samsung adding Bixby to the Gear S4 is expected because of the convenience it offers. There won’t be any Bixby button though. Apparently, it will replace the S Voice as Samsung’s main virtual assistant on the wearable. Simply put, the home button will also double as a Bixby button. For a totally wireless and hands-free experience, you can use your voice and just say “Hi Bixby”.

The updated version of the virtual assistant will be known as Bixby 2.0. It will be ready on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so we’re assuming we’ll know more official details on August 9. If not, there’s still the IFA 208.

Samsung’s ecosystem is being set in place. We’re looking forward to how Bixby 2.0 will work on the Gear S4 or rather, the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It is mainly branding but this makes it easier for consumers to remember the products. Calling it a “Watch” will easily help people to distinguish the devices part of one ecosystem.

The Wear OS by Google is also getting some updates including the latest system images on the Android Emulator, Google Assistant, app-integrations, and advanced communication. All these can run on a 470mAh battery.