While we probably choose our smartwatch watchfaces based on how it looks on our wearables, a lot of the watchfaces available are actually functional as well. The new Samsung Gear S3 is releasing three “highly functional, activity-focused watchfaces” so that users can have even more features on their brand new wearable device. They have teamed up with three world-famous personalities – an adventurer, travel photographer, and daredevil – to fully illustrate the watchfaces and how they can help you once you go on your adventure.

First off is the Samsung Outdoor Watchface has an altimeter at three o’clock and then when you get to nine, you have a barometer. At the six, you get a date and weather indicator, and you also have a sunrise/sunset display arching over your smartwatch’s screen. You can preset altitude and atmospheric figures and if you exceed that, the screen will flash red. The watchface also has a dedicated night mode plus multiple colors to choose from. For this watchface, they naturally teamed up with Bear Grylls to show off its useful, outdoor features.

For those who are more into traveling adventures, the Samsung Travel Watchface is obviously for you. It has dual-time indications so you can see the time and temperature of your original place as well as where you are right now. You can also have easy access to the exchange rate with the currency display at 12PM. You also have a My Journey indication to show you the distance traveled and if you tap it, it will open a detailed map of your current location. They got Russian travel photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia (famous for the Follow Me series) to show how the Gear S3 helps them in their travels.

The Samsung Sports Watchface, is obviously for the sports enthusiast. At 3, there is a stopwatch while at 9, you get a speedometer. You also have a side-by-side display of your current heart rate and how many calories you’ve already burned. You can also map out your rides and runs in My Journey. You can preset your normal activity levels and if you go beyond them, the screen will flash red. Stunt biker Robbie Maddison shows in a video how the Gear S3 helps in his training and consequently, record smashing.

All three watchfaces are available in the Samsung Gear App Store.

SOURCE: Samsung


  1. Do you folks realize that these are just third-party watchfaces? These are not official Samsung watch faces and are like the hundreds of other watchfaces available for the gear S3.

    And each of these three pretty much don’t work as promised. I think you guys got pawned.

      • For instance, the temperature never changes on the “Outdoor” watch. (But at least they tried.) On the “Sports” watch, the speed can only show km/hour, so that kind of sucks for the U.S. (OTOH, I wish we would change over to the metric system, but no luck.)

  2. They’re not getting good reviews so far but they are free if you want to try them. As mentioned, they are not made by Samsung just endorsed by them.


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