Samsung Gear S Smartwatch
Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

The latest Samsung wearable will be available in the U.S. this fall but AT&T will add the Samsung Gear S to its current lineup ahead of other carriers. The new smartwatch from Samsung will be ready by September 26, Friday, courtesy of AT&T. The wearable runs its own Tizen wearable OS and comes complete with a curved display, voice support, messaging, and data connectivity.

The Samsung Gear S can receive calls and texts so you can skip checking your phone. It’s ideal to use with a Samsung smartphone so your messages and calls can go directly to your smartwatch. The curved display follows shape of your wrist for a more efficient dialing of number and reading of messages.

Another interesting feature of the Samsung Gear is the S Health that maps out running trails, counts steps, and tracks any other fitness data that will be useful to you. Health buffs and fitness enthusiasts will find this a great device to track their work-out results.

Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S is compatible with most Galaxy devices includes the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy S 5 Active and Rugby, Galaxy Tab S tablets, and the VoLTE-enabled Galaxy S 4 Mini. It requires initial pairing using the Gear Manager app to activate, more app downloads, and to receive future software updates. To use the smartwatch and the phone, you must be subscribed and connected to AT&T data network for MMS and SMS services. Bluetooth needs to be turned on always to receive the calls and texts, as well as, third-party app notifications.

Samsung Gear S will roll out in 125 AT&T stores in the United States starting this Friday, September 26. Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile are also expected to release the Samsung Gear S. No information when the wearable gear will arrive in other countries though.

SOURCE: Samsung, AT&T