When you’re working out or doing some sort of physical activity and trying to listen to music at the same time, one of the more annoying problems you encounter is that the wires/cords get caught in things and maybe even causes injuries. Truly cord-free earbuds are now a must have for people who are both music lovers and fitness buffs. The new Samsung Gear IconX may appeal to that demographic, and it is now available in selected markets for $199.

The Gear IconX is meant to appeal to the younger, more active demographic, those who workout, do extreme sports or those who just don’t want cords hanging around their necks. It stands out from other similar devices with its in-heart monitor and standalone music player so you’ll be able to bring it along even without your connected smartphone.


For fitness purposes, it tracks and gives instant feedback (through voice commands) in terms of distance, speed, duration, heart rate, and calories burned. And of course, it will sync with your S Health app. Well, if you’re using said app. For the music part, the earbuds’ internal storage can hold up to 1,000 mp3s. And it also has some pretty nifty controls, like swiping up to increase volume and swiping down to decrease, tapping to move on to the next track or to go back one track.

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The Gear Icon X also has a case that can give your earbuds two additional charges whenever you place them in there. You will be able to choose from three different colors – black, blue, and white. The box will also come with three different sizes of eartips and wingtips. It is now available in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Australia and Korea for $199. It will be available in other markets eventually.

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SOURCE: Samsung