The Gear Fit line started in 2014 when Samsung decided to introduce a new health and fitness tracker. Wearable tech was relatively a new category then but the South Korean company jumped into the bandwagon early on. The Samsung Gear Fit was one of the first trackers. A follow-up was revealed in 2016 and another two years later, a follow-up is ready. Actually, the Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear Fit2 have been out since September. We’re not expecting a new model this year but a round of software updates is ready for the wearables.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear Fit2 Pro will be updated with better ways on how to display important data. With the latest update, the sports bands will now feature new functions in the Weight Management and Fitness Program. This is part of the Samsung Health app so if you’re familiar with it, or are really using the app, then you will notice the changes on food consumption (calories in and out) and how daily exercise data are presented. You can connect the wearable devices to the TV or your phone so you can easily see the content on whatever device is nearby and as needed.

The Workout Screen delivers an easily understandable view of data. Usually, three workout information are shown but feel free to personalize the options. You can view your heart rate, exercise duration, calories burned, and distance traveled. The Multi-workouts widget also now allows you to add your fave exercises. If you’re done for the day and would like to see what you’ve accomplished, check the Health Summary widget.

Download the software update straight from the Samsung Gear app.

SOURCE: Samsung Newsroom