The Samsung Gear Fit stands out from the other fitness bands due to the AMOLED display. That display measures in at 1.84 inches and has a resolution of 432 x 128. But while the display appears to be crisp and clear, some had been complaining about the way the text was shown going from side to side.

Essentially, this wasn’t exactly an ideal way to read something that sits on your wrist. But having said that, it also appears as if Samsung had been paying attention to those complaints. A Gear Fit with a new vertical display orientation has recently been spotted in an official Samsung store.

From the images being shared we can see how the information will now be a bit easier to read. But this does bring up another concern about the limited width, and how some longer pieces of information may either be shrunken down in size, or simply run off the side. We suspect these questions will be answered by Samsung, however they do not appear to have issued any sort of official statement just yet.

The Gear Fit with the vertical display orientation was spotted in an official Samsung store in South Korea. We would expect Samsung to push this patch/update to the Gear Fit in other markets, but not yet having heard officially, we are unsure if this should be expected when the band goes on sale April 11th.

VIA: SamMobile