There isn’t a shortage of Bluetooth wireless communication devices on the market today that play music and handle phone calls. They have been around for years and most of them share a similar on-ear or in-ear design with earphones that dangle around your neck when not in use. Samsung has a device coming to the US called Gear Circle that will handle hands free communication, but has a different design.

Gear Circle is a lightweight and sweat-resistant design that sits around your neck and vibrates to let you know when you are receiving a call. Gear Circle connects to your phone via Bluetooth and has touch controls designed for active users.

Runtime for the device is up to nine hours of music playback and 11 hours of talk. To use the headphones you can detach them and place them in your ears. When playing music, attaching the earphones back together pauses the music.

Gear Circle supports S Voice commands. The device will be offered in black or blue colors and is available at select T-Mobile stores now and will come to AT&T,, and later this month. Best But will get an exclusive white version.

SOURCE: Samsung Mobile