Samsung may have yet to officially announce availability and pricing in the US, but it has revealed all in Taiwan. And if the local prices for the Gear 2 and Gear Fit there match what we can expect here, then we’re looking at a price range that isn’t really that far off from the original Galaxy Gear.

At its big announcement over in Taiwan, Samsung has included the price tags attached to its latest wearable tech, something it has still failed to do in the US. The Samsung Gear Fit, which is a smart wristband designed for more active users, carries a lighter price of 5,990 TWD, or roughly $196. The Samsung Gear 2, on the other hand, has a rather hefty price tag of $8,990, which is around $294. This closely matches the price that its predecessor, the Android-powered Galaxy Gear, had when it launched.

Interestingly, there have been some differences in Samsung’s Taiwanese event that may be indicative of changes in its lineup. For one, the price tag on the Gear 2 Neo was noticeably missing. It might be that Samsung is toying with the idea of scrapping the variant, whose only difference with the Gear 2 is the absence of a camera, which might not be enough to justify the costs of maintaining a separate device line. Other things that were missing are color options. In Taiwan, it seems that the Gear 2 will only be available in black and orange, while the Gear Fit will only be in black.

Perhaps the most contentious piece of information above is the Gear 2’s price, which is nearly the same as the old Galaxy Gear. On one hand, the polish, improvements, and senors available on the Gear 2 might justify the still high price tag. On the other hand, Samsung might be looking at some very stiff competition, especially cheaper ones, once the market gets inundated with Android Wear devices.

VIA: ePrice