Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne edition

Who is Thom Browne? We are pretty sure that is the first question on your mind upon seeing the headline. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hasn’t been out officially but we’ve been seeing a number of live images and videos. In a little while, the world will get to see the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones. They may be joined by the new Galaxy Z Flip but we won’t be surprised if the foldable phone won’t be revealed just yet. After the hands-on videos that surfaced on YouTube and being promoted during the Oscars 2020, here is another Galaxy Z related news item.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip may be available in a special version. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne edition has been sighted online together with some accessories from the brand of the American fashion designer. Nothing is official yet but we believe this is true.

This is more of a stylish version. The specs and features are the same. Only the design is slightly different–fashioned after Thom Browne’s brand of style. The name Thom Browne is now a fashion brand where Thom Browne is still the Chief Creative Officer. Ironically, he only owns 15% of the brand–the rest is owned by Ermenegildo Zegna, an Italian luxury fashion house.

This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition pack includes the phone and some accessories. There may be some software features and hardware different from the regular Galaxy Z Flip but there are only exclusive to the special edition.

We see a Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds+ with Thom Browne design. We’re assuming this special version will be slightly more expensive than the regular model. We doubt though if it can reach $2,000 so we’re still on that $1,500 estimate.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition was actually posted on the brand’s Instagram account last month. It was only a teaser but we’re getting closer to the real thing now–maybe in a few hours or a few days.


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