When it comes to smartwatches, arguably the Apple Watch is still the standard for some people. But it looks like Samsung is out to give it a run for its money if these leaks and rumors are actually true. The upcoming release of the Korean OEM’s newest smartwatch is a major opportunity for them to capture a segment of the market who are not too keen on getting an Apple product. The biggest rumor right now is that it will be named differently from the usual Gear S and that it will be using a different OS as well. Here’s what we know so far.

We might be seeing the new Samsung Galaxy Watch

We’ve gotten used to the Samsung Gear S, S2, etc which doesn’t really make sense, especially if you didn’t know that they’re referring to a smartwatch and not a different line of smartphones or tablets. So we were expecting a Samsung Gear S4 for this latest one but it looks like we might get a differently named device.Even though it’s just a branding perspective, the rumor that we’ll be getting a Samsung Galaxy Watch can become a turning point for their wearable line. Not only is it connected to their most popular brand name Galaxy, the branding with the word Watch makes it clearer and more precise, not to mention it’s in direct competition with the Apple Watch brand.

Wear OS instead of Tizen

One of the earliest rumors to come out about the upcoming smartwatch is that instead of running on Samsung’s own Tizen, it will be switching to Wear OS or the recently renamed Android Wear. Two renowned tipsters (Evan Blass and Ice Universe) have “confirmed” this, although the latter still referred to it as Android Wear. This will be great for those who prefer a lot of personalization on their device since Google’s platform is way ahead when it comes to app and watchface selection. Setting things up is also way easier and security-wise, Wear OS will also be more advanced than Tizen. But of course, this also means that they will now be dependent on Google’s updates unlike before when Samsung could do whatever they want on their own OS.

470 mAh battery, PLP package, BP tracking

Speaking of Ice Universe, the tipster posted a tweet sharing some of the other supposed specs of the Galaxy Watch. It will have a 470 mAh battery and it will come with a PLP package, a new type of chip manufacturing process that will free up space within the watch. It will also come with a blood pressure monitor, which is a most-requested feature now for wearables. Lastly, there will be a “new UX interaction” but what that means is still unknown at this point.

When will Samsung announce their new smartwatch?

We still don’t know when the Galaxy Watch will be announced or released. Some are saying we might hear something during the Galaxy Note 9 launch set next month or at the IFA trade show this coming September. Either way, we’ll keep you updated with the latest leaks that will surely be coming out.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google, SlashGear