As expected, along with the new Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has also unveiled its new wearable device and it comes with a new name/branding and also other features that improve on their smartwatch line. The Samsung Galaxy Watch can stand on its own as it has 3G/LTE connectivity and on paper, it boasts of a better battery life so you don’t need to charge your device every day. But it’s not an Android smartwatch as some rumors were saying but it still runs on the Korean OEM’s own OS, Tizen now on version 4.0.

Renaming it to the Galaxy Watch is a smart move as it ties into its Galaxy smartphone branding, even though you can use it untethered of course since it has its own 3G/LTE connection. The smartwatch will supposedly have better juice with its 472mAh battery that will last you more than 80 hours when used regularly. Hopefully this will translate also in practice, maybe a little less for heavy users. It will come in a 46mm silver version and if you want something smaller for your wrist, you can get the 42mm black and gold version.

The new smartwatch focuses on stress management, sleep tracking, activity tracking, and of course, productivity. It has a stress management tracker that will give you a notification if it feels that you’re too stressed and will suggest some breathing exercises to help you get centered. Meanwhile, the sleep tracker will give you a deeper monitoring and analysis of your sleeping habits, including your REM cycles. For fitness tracking, there are 21 new indoor exercises and 39 workouts that you can customize and alternate. You also have intuitive calorie tracking and even personalized alerts to remind you to eat properly or drink more water, etc.

The Galaxy Watch will now have analog watch ticks and hourly chimes, giving you a more traditional watch look if you want to have that on your wrist. It has Always On Display it has a military-standard durability with its Corning Gorilla Glass DX+. It is also water resistant with a 5 ATM rating. It can be integrated into the whole Samsung Galaxy ecosystem which now includes martThings, Samsung Health, Samsung Flow, Samsung Knox, Samsung Pay6, Bixby.

It will be available in the US by August 24, in Korea by August 31, and then in selected markets by September 14. If you pre-order it on before September 8, you’ll get a free watch band. It will reportedly be priced at $329.99 for the 42mm version while the 46mm one will cost $349.99.

SOURCE: Samsung