Samsung is expected to launch three new variants of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 but we have yet to hear an official announcement yet. What Samsung has done recently is simply update the original Galaxy Watch Active with new software, enhanced UI, and improved app services. We’re assuming this is the last round of updates before the new model is revealed. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, you will notice a number of changes, especially in the usability and Bixby functionality.

The updated Samsung Galaxy Watch Active offers more seamless navigation. Wellness and lifestyle features help achieve one’s health goals. When it comes to the smartwatch’s aesthetics, you can check out the new and exclusive Strap Studio watch straps. Every strap color or design can match each of your daily activities.

Samsung is set to deliver a more efficient lifestyle ecosystem with the wearable. It’s something you can customize. It offers smarter usability with hands-free Galaxy Watch Active experience. Bixby has been improved as you can now begin customized exercise routines, control your SmartThings ecosystem, and find out time differences between cities.

Bixby’s UX can also be personalized. It can be more task-oriented as it “learns” everything about you from questions to routines. The App Tray UI has been upgraded as well, showing a more intuitive and more natural format. Also updated is the Goodnight Mode that now features a dedicated view.

Samsung Health and exercise tracking features have been improved. It can recognize swimming and keep track of workouts. Health functionality adds a Heart Rate–Low Alert feature. Samsung Health’s Breathe Guide has been improved as well.

The Strap Studio’s Active Rubber Collection is new. You can choose from among the many new exclusive straps to match your style and activity. Each one offers comfort while remaining sophisticated. There’s the Active Textile Collection, Active Leather, and Active Leather Dress Collection as several options.