Today the folks from Samsung have just announced yet another device that is getting updated to the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is one of many in a long line of recent updates from Samsung, and it’s something we’re glad to finally see. Samsung’s been busy updating everything from the original Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, and now less popular devices like the Galaxy Victory.

When it comes to updates lately Samsung is letting it be known that they haven’t forgot about the little guy, which we’re extremely happy to report about. Maybe Motorola and some others could take a few hints from this approach. So back to the update, the Galaxy Victory was one of the first 4G LTE devices for the Now Network, and now it’s getting nearly the latest version of Android.

It might not make that extremely slow and painfully little rollout of 4G LTE from the Now Network any bigger or faster, but the Galaxy Victory in general is getting a heck of a lot better today. The update brings many of the latest and greatest features introduced with Jelly Bean.

Of course the regular things like Google Now voice search, expandable and more usable notifications, project butter and more will be added, but you’ll also get a new Swype keyboard, notification toggles and more. As well as many of those awesome widgets you’ve probably seen from the Galaxy S III and others. Stay tuned as the update is rolling out today. I’d be checking for updates in settings right about now. Enjoy that Jelly Bean!

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