Samsung has a new feature for their Galaxy Tabs coming out which will add wireless TV streaming. Chris Davies over at Slashgear got a look at it during IFA 2011. Originally announced back in February, the new feature enables users of the Samsung D7000 or D8000 HDTVs to stream wirelessly to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 out of the box. It’s very similar to Samsung’s AllShare DNLA client, but it works the other way, with the HDTV transcoding the signal and sending it wirelessly to the Galaxy Tab.

Coming in the form of an app that will be preloaded on both 8.9 and 10.1 Galaxy Tab models, the app is essentially the remote control software on steroids. It’s added a “watch TV option” and users can not only watch from their devices, but also use it as a kind of PIP and watch one thing on your TV and flip to another on your Tablet. It’ll also work on Android smartphones as well. Users will, however, notice there’s a little bit of a lag, considering the TV has to transcode the signal and stream it to your device.

But will users want to replace their Slingbox or Streaming Media Clients when their out and about? No word if it works over 3G, but if you’re working in the garage during the big game, it could prove useful. Samsung says that the updated app will be made available at the Samsung App Store within a few weeks to a month. And in addition to being preloaded onto new Tablet models, it will also be available for the 7-inch Galaxy Tab through the App Store.

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[via SlashGear]