Samsung has been known for their Galaxy Tab contests asking for user created ads and personal expression since its release last year. One of these contests, the VCAM (Viewer Created Ad Message) Campaign, has been a success receiving many user-submitted videos, and now Samsung has officially selected the winner.

The video, titled “Always There 4U,” shows the role the Tab plays in day-to-day life and is both very impressive and artistic.

A young, hip, tech savvy couple from the Westside of LA, in the small artsy neighborhood of Venice, CA spend a day at the beach connected, always on the go, with the Samsung GALAXY Tab. Distance separates the two at the start but the GALAXY Tab brings them together for a fun-filled, energizing day of beach activity. We see their interactions, compassion and magnetism to GALAXY Tab; never putting it down, it becomes an extension of them. They embody the slogan, “More possibilities on the go. Samsung GALAXY Tab.”


[Via YouTube]



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