To promote the brand spankin new Samsung Galaxy Tab’s release in Spain, Samsung Spain sent out a promotion whereby Galaxy Tab purchasers would be given a free keyboard that their device would be able to plug into. Very neat! The thing is though, it worked too well, and they had to pull the promotion before they gave out more vouchers than they had keyboards! The people that were lucky enough to receive a code that would give them a keyboard may now rejoice, as their keyboards are ready to ship.

If you’re the sort of person who has one of these sorts of codes that’ll give you a fabulous keyboard for free for your Samsung Galaxy Tab, you may already know where to go to redeem: PomoSamsung. On the other hand, if you were not one to receive a code, do not despair, you can still look at the fabulous promotion site for the Tab you’ve already got in your hands right over here: – and see if you can find a keyboard for a price – $105 USD.

[Via SamsungHub]