Anyone out there still think that the Galaxy Tab, the Android-powered Galaxy S-inspired tablet from Samsung doesn’t exist? This is, what, the second or third time (total) that we’ve now seen the tablet pop up in the wild. We’re expecting an official announcement any day now from Samsung, but until then we’ve got to keep staring at these photos. Except, just to make it all the more tantalizing, we’ve now got some video of the device being used.

The device in question is apparently being used by a telco worker — he was field testing the device. When asked about it, he said the tablet was “different” to the iPad, and that it was “awesome.” Bold words, but we’re sure that Samsung’s created something definitely noteworthy with the Tab. And if they are indeed field testing it on carriers in Australia, and we’ve heard reports of the device launching in the UK and the United States, it’s more than apparent that Samsung plans to launch this thing all over the place. So, considering we don’t have much to go on here, just enjoy the video below.

[via SlashGear]