Grab yourself a big fat update for your beloved Samsung Galaxy Tab today with the instructions and knowhow provided in this post you’re inside, right now! This isn’t an update to Android (aka you’re not going Gingerbread here,) but you will experience some small updates that’ll make your life a whole lot neater. A few items for Web Browsing and Data Access, a few items for Email and Messaging, and a short list of additional device features.

What you’ll be getting for web browsing is enhanced performance and speed plus, supposing you knew this before, searching for Wifi hotspots no longer negatively affects battery life. Wild! Then for email and messaging you’ll be able to access hyperlinks directly inside your emails, the time displayed on the status bar will ACCURATELY reflect when the latest email was recieved, and easily manage and download 2002-2003 Word documents (this is also quite weird, if I do say so myself.) In addition, you can now select multiple name cards with a new “select all” feature, open 5MB video attachments in email, and all font size changes in emails remain while your replying to messages. What an odd assortment of items.

Additionally, this update updates Adobe Flash Player to The Time Zone setting on your calendar events has been fixed so that it reflects whichever time zone you happen to be in. The alarm now allows you to use 2 alarms successfully in that when you silence the first alarm, the second one will still sound. Blasted!

As always, you can access the full instructions on how to grasp this upload by jamming around the gallery below – check it out!