Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The Android 11 OS Beta version has rolled out already which means several smartphones are set to get it. We’ve announced a few already but while other OEMs are working on Android 11 updates, Samsung is busy with releasing Android 10 updates for some of its old models. The last devices we noted receiving the said version were the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, unlocked Galaxy Note 9 in the US, and even the super-old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy SII I9100 via a hack.

After the Galaxy Tab S6, the Galaxy Tab S5e is getting Android 10. Even the Galaxy Tab S4 LTE is receiving the same update. The LTE variants of both tablets are eligible for the said version.

In the UK, the Galaxy Tab S5e receives the firmware version T725XXU1BTF7. It takes up about 2061.83MB so make sure you have that enough storage. As with most updates, this one also delivers the latest One UI 2.1 and the June 2020 security patch level.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE receives the exact same thing (version T835XXU4CTF5). This means both smartphones will now feature Music Share, Quick Share, better Dark Mode, updated icons and colors, and smoother transitions and animations. Android 10 also includes full-screen UI navigation gestures from Google.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE Android 10Android 10 OS delivers more emojis, revamped Device Care section, Digital Wellbeing, enhanced text visibility over wallpapers, and better camera app layout. Even the stock apps now have more features and a better UI design.

If you have a Galaxy Tab S5e or a Galaxy Tab S4 LTE, check your notifications and see if the update is ready for your device. You may also check Settings manually: Settings> Software update> Download and install. A firmware file is also available from here.


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