Some reports from users are coming in that Samsung’s newest Super AMOLED tablet – the Galaxy Tab S – may be suffering from overheating issues, causing the flimsy plastic back cover to deform because of the heat. Could it be that the newly-launched premium tablet device would now have the potential to ruin Samsung’s day?

The South Korean electronics giant just launched the new tablet in June, hyping on its slim good looks and strong performance via its octa-core Exynos processor, but it seems that those are the main things that are causing this slight(?) problem. Below are pictures of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S, the 8.4-inch variant suffering the said issue. More pics at the source link.

The user, as told by hi-tech@mail, claims that the tablet – when using graphics and processor-intensive applications such as games – tends to heat up considerably, to the point that after a number of such uses, the thin plastic back cover of the tablet gets deformed (“wavy” was the term most used). The user claims that this was a “day one” problem, with the onboard Exynos processor heating up upon installation and use of some game apps.

Also according to the tech blog, this situation has been monitored and talked about in several tech forums – this is not a lone incident. The user bemoans that while Samsung has knowledge of the situation, it has not responded promptly to the situation. He claims that maybe in the desire to put out a very slim tablet (6.6 mm), Samsung may have disregarded overheating issues. The blog itself contacted Samsung via email and got the response we quote below (translated from the original Russian).

Samsung’s customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so at the moment we are carefully considering this device’s case. Although the deformation on the rear lid is negligible and should not pose a problem for the operation of the tablet, the owner of the tablet can contact the nearest Samsung service center for replacement of the said defective part.