Hooray! The dream is coming true. One day we’ll all have to only buy one device that works forever for free. Sounds good? XDA Developers seem to think so. This bit of a hack only works on the T-Mobile version, and you’ve got to do some bigtime surgery and enable some wireless settings manually. Then you’ve got to hold this gigantic piece of tab up to your head and make silly looking telephone calls.

This hack enables you to both make and receive phone calls and again, this only works so far on the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Take a look at threads by the name of [US Tmobile Galaxy Tab flashed to make phone calls] by Jyveafk, [Adventures in trying to get Phone calls] by Jyveafk, and [this post] by calin75 revealing what appears to be working pics. Good luck, and if you do try, use all caution and know, as always with these sorts of hacks, you can destroy your device. Have fun!

[Via Android Central]


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