We know that the Galaxy Tab will be coming to Verizon on November 11th, along with what seems to be every other rumored device we have heard about hitting the network. But so far Verizon has been the only one with a set launch date. Well that may not be true anymore.

With a T-Mobile dealer sheet that was released we see that the “estimated date” of availability is November 10th. According to TmoNews they have also confirmed this date with their corporate connections.

If this is true, this marks the second carrier that has set a release date with an announcement from AT&T and Sprint likely coming soon. We also haven’t heard word of data pricing, hopefully it will be a less painful option for T-Mobile users than it will be for Verizon.

No pricing for the T-Mobile Tab has been announced but we can safely assume it will be the same $399 with a contract and $649 without.

[Via TmoNews]