The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a nice little tablet by most standards. The device has a nice screen even if that screen might be too small for some users that are more apt to want the larger 10-inch screen that are on tablets like the iPad and others. One of the biggest complaints of some users about the Tab is the older version of the Android OS that the machine uses. The Tab shipped with Android 2.2 onboard. I am sure that a lot of users were hoping that the Android 3.0 update make it to the Galaxy Tab soon. Before the 3.0 update comes, Samsung has upped the OS to Gingerbread.

As of now in Italy, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is getting the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update rolled out. Apparently, users in Italy can download the update via KIES for their Tab and then walk away running 2.3.3. Any readers from Italy be sure and let us know how the update went if you have done it. The ROM landed yesterday for download.

The new firmware version is P1000XXJPZ. The firmware should bring some new features that fans of the Tab will enjoy. There isn’t any word on the update landing in other countries, but if it has hit Italy already, it should be coming elsewhere before you know it.

[via The Galaxy Tab]



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