The surprise that the US-based versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet device won’t feature 3G calling support has probably worn off by now, but there’s still a few surprises in store for those who may have thought something would have changed by now. (Especially considering the international versions of the tablet feature the ability to do it.) But, it looks like there’s not a chance that you’ll even be making any 3G calls over Skype, as the feature has been denied.

Despite the fact that there’s a “special version” of Skype on Verizon’s Android-based handsets, it looks like that “special version” won’t be making it to the Galaxy Tab when it launches later this year. The special version allows for the devices to make calls through a special 3G voice gateway, and the Tab just doesn’t have it. Instead, Verizon’s Galaxy Tab will utilize the direct-to-consumer version of the Skype application, which will only allow for calls over WiFi.

Of course, there are ways around this. If you’ve got yourself a mobile hotspot, and you purchase the WiFi-only version of the Tab, you’ll be able to access the mobile hotspot and make 3G-based Skype calls all you want. Well, as much as your data plan allows, of course. Not the best option, but an option nonetheless.

[via PC Mag]