So, you’re interested in the Galaxy Tab tablet device for Verizon. You saw our review of the device for T-Mobile, and now, since you’re choosing Verizon as your carrier of choice for your tablet needs, you want to see how the Verizon model stacks up. Good thing SlashGear has you covered, as they’ve just posted their review for the Verizon-branded Galaxy Tab.

As always, you can head on through the source link below, and you’ll find all the answers to the questions you’ve been asking about the tablet device. Does it run Android well? How great is that screen? Is 7-inches too small, or just right? And how do those Verizon applications, like VCAST Videos, stack up against one another? Find out if it’s all just bloatware, in the full review. In the mean time, check out the pictures we snagged for your viewing pleasure, just below in the gallery.

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[via SlashGear]