I know its not every day that you get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, but you don’t go shopping for things like a new Samsung refrigerator or appliances either. If you’ve been wanting a new Android tablet or even need a new fridge, washer and dryer or anything else that Lowes has to offer you might as well get a free tablet from it right?

This deal is live and being offered right now and will end on October 3rd. For those that purchase one of the many qualifying Samsung appliances from Lowes over the next week or two, you’ll receive the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 completely free. Not a bad deal if I don’t say so myself. While their washing machines may be huge the Tab 7 is thin, sleek, and still an awesome Android tablet.


You’ll probably spend a decent load of cash on a new appliance from Lowes but getting a free tablet might help you justify your purchase. If you happen to snag one of their huge washers make sure you take the Galaxy Tab out of your pants before running them through or you’ll be out a tablet real quick. We all know plenty about the Android 2.3 Gingerbread powered Galaxy Tab 7 so I wont go into the details there. This deal while unique and might not apply to all was worth a quick mention.

[via @Samsungtweets]