Samsung and Barnes & Noble have partnered up for a new device, the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK. The tablet will sport a 7-inch display and is expected to be available in mid-August. Perhaps key here though, the tablet is described as being a mix of the “popular Galaxy Tab 4 hardware with customized NOOK software.”

Further teasing tells the story about how this means users will get a “powerful, full-featured” tablet this is “designed for reading, with easy access to Barnes & Noble’s expansive digital collection.” Sounds like Barnes & Noble got Samsung to make a NOOK tablet. Naturally, the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK will be available with Barnes & Noble.

Those considering a purchase will be able to do so online with and also at the nearly 700 retail stores spread across the US. Bottom line here, it looks like those who buy digital content from Barnes & Noble now have another option to consider. Neither company has said anything about pricing just yet.

In comparison, the 7.0-inch Galaxy Tab 4 is selling for $199.99. We’d expect the NOOK variety of the Galaxy Tab 4 to fall in line with that, but have to remember that nothing is official until we hear direct from Samsung and/or Barnes & Noble. Once again, the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is expected in mid-August, and that means we likely have some time before the final details are made official.

SOURCE: Business Wire


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