A maintenance update should be pushed to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [WiFi Only] soon, and aims to fix a few common issues. No, this may not be the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update you’ve been praying about, but it still mends some important problems. First off, it should fix rotation issues. Slow rotation on either a tablet or smartphone can get real irritating, so hopefully this speeds things up.

The fixes tend to email attachment issues, improve WiFi reconnection response, and other system file force closes. It should also improve battery life. This improvement could be directly related to previous WiFi reconnection problems, as constantly reconnecting to a network burns your battery faster than normal.

And finally, it installs the latest version of the Android Market. It’s odd Google hasn’t initiated an easier way to upgrade the Android Market; sure you could download the .apk file of the latest and greatest – but many only trust a more “official” approach. I’m sure the Market is one application we wouldn’t mind Android automatically upgrading.

[via AndroidCentral]


  1. I’ve recently had what is probably the same update on my 8.9. However, since then I can’t download or update any apps from the market. It’s been reported to the Android Market team, who seem to keep telling me to uninstall the market updates (there is no option for this), and to Samsung who have passed it to their development team.

  2. I’ve installed this update and all is running fine except the market app. can update and search for apps but the Market opening start pannel is missing, just a black panel. Recomend people wait a few days.

  3. did mine.  All was pretty much fine with it to begin with.  Seems a little more snappier, but not that it was laggy before.  The screen rotation is still slow as before.  Besides the market not sure what is changed or why anybody commenting has problems….

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  5. I’m finished with Android technology. First I went from a Blackberry to the HTC thunderbolt and I’ve had nothing but trouble. Then I bought a Galaxy Tab and I’m so dissapointed.The app market stinks and I have to wait for ice Cream Sandwich.time to switch to Apple because Android is bush league.

    • Well apple has their problems with the ipad and crapy itunes. I dumped apples hardware and their crappen itunes. Android kicks apples butt 10 fold.

    • you’re a tool..you just cant handle android cuz its too advanced for you…if you like outdated software then stick with apple

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  7. I was not having trouble before i did the update but did the update any way. Battery life is a little better and the browser maybe a little quicker. I have had no problems with this awesome tablet makes the ipad look like a girly tablet.

    • HYE NEWWAVERUNNER  i am having a samsung galaxy tab with honeycomb 3.1, so i am thinking to update to ICS 4.0.. so is that safe to update to ICS because i heard many issues revolving this update??

  8. I got the upload and it seems ok except for one point. My Market doesn’t work anymore. What do I need to do to get it working?

  9. I updated mine galaxy tab 10.1 to ice cream sandwich but camera in not working, my PC is not detecting my tab. rest every thing seams to work fine.

  10. If u can`t connect to kies you must use android sdk adb to push your update from the shell. It`s not a big deal, you can faind a lot of tutorials on the web. Have fun.

  11. WHO CARES!  Samsung can go to Hellz for all I care anymore. Galaxy 10.1 tablet wi-fi to ICS…. Sure! Whatever… You said that 6 months ago… S-c-r-e-w Y-O-U!!! This company is the worst ever! The darn update has been ready, approved, tested and set forever! and they have NO REASON WHATSOEVER why they haven’t released it yet… I posted on Samsung FB and TWITTER and got the following response “Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience. We will let you know the moment it is released and ready.”

  12. Ota update failed to connect all the time. I end up Odin ing it. I really did’t want to mess with Kies, from previous experiance.

  13. mine shut off and wont turn back on im pissed i got it back in aug. 2013 and i have tried all the tricks to turn it back on none of them work i even talked to samsung support today and i have never dropped it and it never been near water its very lightly used im at a loss why this thing wont turn on and im sure its charged because its been pluged in i even tried to not charging it for a day so if any one has any ideas email me at d__hawke@hotmail.com oh ya did i say im pissed off


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