What you’re about to see is the final winner in a video creation competition hosted by Samsung in which creative people were asked to create an ad spot for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. In return they’d receive fabulous prizes, and so they shall. This first place winner shows a video in which the Galaxy Tab 10.1 floats around the screen and a narrator (likely the creator himself) speaks several words in an epic manner: My World … Sharper, Lighter, Faster, and all in one place! Samsung Galaxy Tab… it’s everything!

Below you’ll see several other entries into this big fat giveaway, a few which you might like better, most which you’ll likely flip out over, and one big collection which you’ll certainly wish you’d created should you want the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as the winners are likely tapping away now as we speak. This big event has been running since early May, an early entrant prize given away to the best video submitted before May 20th. Then there’s the big list of prizes for everybody else:


First for Samsung’s prizes there were winners anywhere from $500 for the 5th place winner to $7000 for the 1st place winner (which you see above). There was a voter’s choice award set starting at $100 going up to $500, and the early entrant prize was $2,000. That’s a lot of Tabs! All of these winners are very likely going out to purchase the tablet for themselves today if they haven’t already, upgrading to TouchWiz UX as they do so! For a full review of Samsung’s new TouchWiz UX, head down to our full review! Then check out the rest of the winning entries for this event below!




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