American Airline flights are about to get even better with some quality entertainment to go along with those honey roasted peanuts. We reported earlier this year that Samsung and AA had agreed to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tablets to select planes and passengers for in-flight fun, or in-flight Angry Birds and now they’ve officially started just that.

Starting today, passengers that are flying first or business class will no longer have to sit and stare at others while reaching for the air controls overhead — instead they’ll be handed a shiny and powerful dual-core powered Galaxy Tab 10.1 by the nearest flight attendant.

During this initial rollout starting today, customers can choose from over 70 movies, including 30 new releases, with three titles exclusive to American from Paramount. Not to mention a wide array of TV shows and even audio selections for easy listening while they casually nap up in first class. They will also be receiving Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones on request.

According to the official statement AA has a custom user interface that will overlay the standard Android experience to allow quick, easy, and user friendly navigation to all the content. Or to stop everyone from doing anything else on these here tablets. Many JFK and LAX flights will be the first to enjoy this new level of entertainment as the rollout slowly hits others nationwide.

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[via gottabemobile]