We are hearing Samsung is all set and starting to roll out the update to Android 3.2 Honeycomb (again) for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi. They originally pushed the update early last week but apparently a few problems were quickly brought to attention and they pulled the update. Everything is all set for round 2 and users should receive the OTA shortly.

When the initial update went live last week many users started quickly reporting problems. The update wasn’t completing for many and as a result they were experiencing issues. WiFi was breaking for some whether the update completed or not but that was the biggest of the concerns. We also heard reports of Bluetooth problems and auto rotate also not working after the over the air update.

Samsung has fixed the problems, smoothed out the update and are confident that round two will go much better and users should be able to update to the latest Honeycomb version with ease. For more information you can see the original update here where we’ve instructed users to manually update on a computer using Samsung Kies. That route was not having issues, and for those that currently don’t have working WiFi from the first update should be able to quickly and easily update using Samsung Kies.

Go ahead and start that update and get back to enjoying that tablet. Or as Samsung would say — It’s time to tab!

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      • Kies is a software for you tab by samsung in this case that update wont let youe device turn on use kies and it will help you get back up and going really awesome feature not all tabs have here is a link 

        Windows http://org.downloadcenter.samsung.com/downloadfile/ContentsFile.aspx?CDSite=UNI_CA&CDCttType=SW&ModelType=N&ModelName=FM_UPDATE&idyn=N&VPath=SW/201105/20110512115717796/Kies_2.1.0.11095_121_6.exe

        Mac  http://org.downloadcenter.samsung.com/downloadfile/ContentsFile.aspx?CDSite=UNI_CA&CDCttType=SW&ModelType=N&ModelName=FM_UPDATE&idyn=N&VPath=SW/201111/20111111115324459/KiesMac_1.0.2.11112_3_1.dmg

        hope this helps good luck ps. my update went ok took 40 min tho

  1. Two questions – I’m one who did the first upgrade and Samsung said they would contact me via e-mail with instructions on how to fix the Tab.  On Saturday I found a way to fash it back to 3.1.

    My questions – Did any of you perform the first update and did Samsung contact any of you?
    I’m at 40% now…

    • Make sure you contact samsung’s support and let them know. We need as many people as possible complaining about this. Mine doesn’t work either. I think the people who say they’re not having a problem are using Gmail, which is a separate app, and it works fine.

      The Imap problem we’re having is with the actual email application, using imap over port 143. Take a look at my reply to Bobg above for details.

  2. I have only played with the new Honeycomb update a few minutes and had a few issues that I have noticed on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi only unit.  

    One is my wifi signal strength meter. It says when i hit the notifications bar that I have no signal and the meter also reflects this. However, i am able to browse and obviously do have a signal despite these faults.
    Issue number two is youtube. Viewing a video in vertical mode works as does horizontal. But, if I begin a video in either then switch while the video is in play, the switch triggers a restart and I end up having to watch the video from the beginning again. Its a bit frustrating.

    Issue number 3 has to deal with folder widgets I had created with an app called Folder Organizer. All of my widgets display the apps with small icons within the folder. the first app in each folder has now doubled and there are two icons of the first app in each folder. Its strange.

    None of these issues are a huge problem but it suggests to me that this version will soon need an update or perhaps Samsung and Google could do us all a favor and just get us a first class ticket to ICS please! Fingers are crossed that that will be a smoother experience than this. But im not complaining…

    I still love my TAB!

    • Oh thank God you’re having this problem too! I thought I was losing my mind because I haven’t found any other posts online with people talking about the broken Imap functionality.

      Not sure if it’s the exact same issue your having, but all of my folders show up in the email app, except they’re all empty. So it’s partially syncing (grabbing my folders) but it’s ignoring the most important part, the actual friggin email! How does stuff like this slip by?

      I contacted Samsung to let them know, and of course the tech support can’t do a damn thing about it. I just wanted tem to make note of it. The more people that complain the faster it will get resolved.

  3. I got the update and now the ‘media scanner’ won’t stop running and I no longer have use of my camera.  I am very upset about this as there is no explanation on how to fix this problem.

  4. After the update, I constantly get low battery warnings while my tab is plugged in and I am operating it with less than the defined low battery limit. Its charging, but the battery monitor doesn’t check the charging state before issuing the warning.

  5. I rang Samsung to ask about the broken IMAP issue and they said they had not heard of any problems. looks like everyone with the same issue of the IMAP functionality being knocked out by the 3.2 upgrade needs to tell Samsung directly or nothing will get done to restore it.

  6. Anyone else having issues with the video player lagging since the update? After market ones are still working fine but the stock one seems to lag a bit.

  7. Anyone can tell me how to upgrade my Galaxy 10.1 to Android 3.2?
    I went to the “software update” under SETTING but always showing a message of “No update available”

    • The same is happening to me. My galaxy tab annot find any update also. Maybe because i have the portuguese version???

  8. Just got my 3.1 droid version Samsung Galaxy tab. The wifi worked well the first two days. Today however the unit kept shutting down or going into hibernation mode when i tried to access wifi. I get to the point of “obtaining IP address” then the unit shuts down, any advice on how to repair?

    •   The problem is that the galaxy tab is getting an IP address from your
      router and holding on to it. If a new device comes onto the network it
      will try to reassign you an IP but the galaxy tab will not allow, still
      wanting the old IP address.

      The Fix is to create a static IP address. Go into wifi settings click
      menu and then advanced. Look up your dns server, gateway and netmask
      and set the corresponding fields in your galaxy tab settings. To do this you click start on your computer then run “cmd” should be in the open box if not type cmd and click ok. then type ipconfig /all and hit enter. it will show you dns, gateway ect. that you need to put in the fields on you galaxy tab. when you put in your ip address on you tablet change the last two # by 20. example: if your computer ip address is then on you tablet make it . . i did this with info i gathered off the net because mine did the same thing and it worked. 2 months later it happened again but i changed the last 2 # of my ip address again and its been fine ever since. haven’t had a problem in 5 months now. . .  hope this helps

  9. my tab starts up and gets half way thru starting up then freezes tryed to reset hard and soft  but it either tries to restart without starting fully and also gets stuck on a screen that says downloading but has been their for many hrs  nothing changing , help

  10. I updated my samsung galaxy tab s10.1 software(andriod honeycomb 3.1), now it even worse when it comes to downloads and internet browsing, what can i do to fix this?

  11. When my wife plugged the tablet to charge, this little green man came in the middle of the screen and started flashing without turning the tablet on. It won’t stop flashing and I can’t stop it or turn the tablet on.

  12. my galaxy tab 10.1 does not boot……the home page does not appear …..does anyone knows how to solve this problem?

  13. Browser question

    I now have the 3.2 update and have noticed several positives and some annoyances. One of the frustrations is that my browser allows me to open multiple tabs – but I can’t switch between them. Nor can I access the tab to type in my desired URL. I always need to type the URL into the Google search bar..Has anyone seen this?


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