We are hearing Samsung is all set and starting to roll out the update to Android 3.2 Honeycomb (again) for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi. They originally pushed the update early last week but apparently a few problems were quickly brought to attention and they pulled the update. Everything is all set for round 2 and users should receive the OTA shortly.

When the initial update went live last week many users started quickly reporting problems. The update wasn’t completing for many and as a result they were experiencing issues. WiFi was breaking for some whether the update completed or not but that was the biggest of the concerns. We also heard reports of Bluetooth problems and auto rotate also not working after the over the air update.

Samsung has fixed the problems, smoothed out the update and are confident that round two will go much better and users should be able to update to the latest Honeycomb version with ease. For more information you can see the original update here where we’ve instructed users to manually update on a computer using Samsung Kies. That route was not having issues, and for those that currently don’t have working WiFi from the first update should be able to quickly and easily update using Samsung Kies.

Go ahead and start that update and get back to enjoying that tablet. Or as Samsung would say — It’s time to tab!

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