Last week Samsung announced, then quickly denied that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would begin rolling out to Galaxy S II owners internationally. While they might have jumped the gun today on Facebook they have confirmed the update is rolling out and available now — but that isn’t all. They also briefly mentioned some of those important tablets of theirs too.

While talking about the Galaxy S II update today over on the Samsung Facebook page they also dropped hints for many upcoming devices and thought you’d like to hear the news. Samsung specifically mentioned the new Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 will get updated to Android 4.0 ICS and that it will “follow soon”.

Like we mentioned earlier today Samsung briefly talked about the original Galaxy S and how they wont be updating it to Ice Cream Sandwich. Instead it will indeed get the “value pack” they backtracked on a few times. Stating the Android 2.3 update for the Galaxy S and original Galaxy Tab will keep them on Android 2.3 Gingerbread but bring many features from ICS like face unlock, screenshots, photo editor, and a few others. Samsung didn’t mention the new Tab 7.7 LTE, or the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus but they should hopefully receive the same treatment.

So for anyone that had their doubts. Yes the Note, Tab line, Galaxy S II LTE and a few others will all get Android 4.0 ICS soon, while older devices are now confirmed to be staying on Gingerbread — as far as Samsung is concerned at least. For those with older devices look to CyanogenMod and others for Android 4.0 ICS ROM’s.


    • Yes, but no one knows how long its going to take to get it… and with all the new apps being ics, youll end up being pissed.

    •  No way you will get the update as Samsung about to release the version 2 of their range of tablets… they only want “MONEY” from us, no money to invest and research for the update for us… we are abandoned… Samsung is sucks… let’s go for HTC… at least my Desire HD got update to 2.3.6 but my Samsung Galaxy still 2.3.3… with the sluggish interface… just sucks…

    • Both are great devices and have the same specifications (Nearly) In this case what you must concider its the size.

      I have the 10.1 and my mate got the Note. Note looks easier to carry around.

      Anyhow, any choice between these 2 devices would be a great purchase.


    • Depends on your application, really. As I’m using my smaller 8.9 tablet as a laptop substitute (it’s a Wi-Fi version) with a keyboard dock, that’s appropriate for me. But I don’t know what kind of applications you want to use it for to comment further.

    • i would wait to see what they do and if they come out with the galaxy tab 2 and then come out with ics for the note i would just to to htc are apple this getting crazy waittign this long is not rt i can see being like a week off but damn samsung plus i have the note and to tell the truth its not that great but it is nice

    • Well hanna what is more important a tablet or a phone? What would you likely use more? What is more comfortable and portable for you? Answer these q’s and ull get ur answer

  1. Maybe I just don’t understand what the word “soon” means because its now April 19th and we still don’t even have a rumor of a hint of a release date for ics on the galaxy tab 10.1 but there sure as heck is constant, 24 hour updates about when the tab 2 is coming out.

    Jeez Sammy what the hell is the delay? If you think you’re gonna wait to launch the 2 to get as much new revenue as possible before you update the current 10.1 then you’ve got another thing coming. Cyanomods had an ics rom out for almost two months now and they don’t even work for you! You’re embarrassing yourself with this incompetence.

    Now do your damn job and get the update out. Grrrr.

  2. As much as I like my Samsung products, this delay is a joke and seriously makes me consider NEVER buying another Samsung product again! If you think you can force people into buying newer products, you are so wrong.

  3. I have multiple Samsung devices and I am truly fed up ! they do create Great slick hardware with great potential that get people like me to buy them, but they soon forget about their loyal customers and begin working on the next piece of equipment which day 1 will awe many users but we tend to forget that soon Samsung will just practically abandon their older hardware. im not sure if its that they are understaffed or really just dont care, but it seems to me that any answer I would receive from them is simply an excuse, they remind me of Toshiba products some were awesome but soon support and updates for their products also seemed to cease from my perspective.. How difficult can it be for such a conglomarate of a company to release an ICS update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  4. Being that samsung is not in the business of creating software and their domain is to create hardware at this point; when you choose to develop a piece of hardware that relies on another companies OS (google) they need to understand that what will make their products more of a success in the Tablet market for years to come will be to place the same level of emphasis as they do in their hardware design and apply that to porting over and optimizing the software platform that will reside in the hardware customers are purchasing. Its sad to me in a way that an open source community can port ICS to Samsungs galaxy tab quicker than their own internal development team. I get that they are working on the next best thing but when my circle of people ask me what tablet should I buy I believe Ill start sending them over to Apple , I had really big hopes that Samsung would be Much more responsivein making sure that people that are using their existing products are not left behind.

  5. I bought new samsung galaxy tab 7.7 P6800 can i know for this tab will be updates to ICS 4.0
    when will come to malaysia country.I want try ICS 4.0 software this software very special i like
    i will give full point for the software.who can let me know when this software will arrived at my country?samsung galaxy tab is the best.

  6. I have the galaxy tablet 10.1 T-Mobile. Will I be getting the 4.0 Android update? If so when? If the device is capable of getting 4.0 update Samsung would be foolish not to update, and will be losing loyal customers. Samsung send me my update now!!

  7. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I am so disappointed in Samsung’s poor display of business and dependency I’m really considereing selling my galaxy tab 8.9 and getting a Acer or Ipad. I was hoping that these sayings about them being sorry at keeping their products up to date was just jilted talk, but it’s sadly very true, but now that I’ve had ample time to play around with it I wouldn’t be upset at all to part with it. Samsung is a complete dud,

  8. Samsung can go to Hellz for all I care anymore. Galaxy 10.1 tablet wi-fi to ICS…. Sure! Whatever… You said that 6 months ago… S-c-r-e-w Y-O-U!!! This company is the worst ever! The darn update has been ready, approved, tested and set forever! and they have NO REASON WHATSOEVER why they haven’t released it yet… I posted on Samsung FB and TWITTER and got the following response “Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience. We will let you know the moment it is released and ready.”

  9. I agree with you, i also have an 10.1 and waiting for ics for 6 months already and that sux so much i cant describe it. Im getting the iPad and trashing this piece of shit. Screw you samsung. Never again

  10. what’s Samsung’s idea of ‘soon’? they cant make excuses why I am not getting the 4.0 update… They already have 4.0 running on their newer tabs.. I seriously don’t understand Samsung’s strategy.. Do they expect me to do the apple special and buy their new galaxy tab 10.1 2? because that’s not going to happen.. When you pay premium for a product you expect premium support as well as a premium product. Never again Samsung… next time I am going to Sony or Asus ..

  11. What do you people expect? This is an Android product. Updates almost never happen unless you hack the device yourself. Even if we get Android 4.0, I’ll bet you a million dollars that it will be the LAST update. OS fragmentation is the modus operandi for Android.

    Yes, the stock Android 3.2 on the Tab 10.1 really sucks! Check out “Go Launcher” in the Google Play store, it is a real saving grace! It’s interface makes the Tab 10.1 almost fun. But be warned, like most Android apps on the Tab 10.1, it has some bugs! But I guess you all know, by now, that bugs and Forced Closes are a way of life on an Android product.

    Best solution of all… get an Apple product. Sorry, just being honest. 🙂

  12. Sad to say but truth remains….Apple is an exoerience to live by and Samsung is a hardware shop. Samsung will never understand what delivering experience means.


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