In the constant “my phone is better than yours” battle, Android, and more specifically Samsung, has come out on top in the Galaxy S III versus iPhone 5 struggle. According to the noted research firm IHS, the Galaxy S III beats the iPhone 5 in terms of screen thinness and color gamut. The differences are relatively negligible, but they are there none the less.

We don’t want to sound negative on the iphone 5 here, as it has made some impressive leaps in screens when compared to the iPhone 4S. In fact, the screen is now just 1.5mm thick, compared to 2.1mm on the 4S. The color gamut is now 72 percent of the NTSC standard, where the 4S was only 50%. These are some impressive improvements, but it still places them behind the Galaxy S III.

In the same stats, the Galaxy S III comes in at a tiny 1.1mm thick. The color gamut on the Samsung Galaxy S III is an impressive 100% of the NTSC standard. In spite of Samsung’s screen coming in thinner, the iPhone 5 is 1mm thinner overall. IHS deduces that the overall difference in size could be due to a thicker battery on the S III.

To put this into perspective, end users should not notice any difference when looking at the screen. We are talking about very tiny measurements that the naked eye should not be able to detect. None the less, knowing where the devices stand on a technical level is always interesting, and it looks like Samsung got the win on this one, even if it is only by a tiny margin.