The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will arrive with reimagined cameras. We’re sure of that because a teaser was already posted with the “camera reimagined” theme. The Galaxy S9 will support super slo-mo with a 3-stack image sensor. There’s that Isocell camera technology introduced recently and the fact that the S9 will only have a single rear camera while the S9+ will have dual rear cameras. There will also be the super slow-mo which is similar to what the Sony Xperia XZ Premium has.

This super slow-motion feature will have different methods of capturing moments. Nothing is official yet but the camera is said to be capable of recording by simply pressing the shutter button to begin. Slow-mo recording will only start once something moves within the frame. The other method may be ready to record a moment in advance. It’s not clear how it will happen but we can expect the algorithms of the camera to detect scenarios.

The final speed and resolution the cameras can offer aren’t available yet but we know the new ISOCELL camera sensor can capture 960fps at 720p or up to 480 fps at Full HD 1080p. It’s one requirement for a phone to feature slow-mo recording. However, the device must also have the latest processor.