Weibo is somehow our quickest link to the Chinese tech world. Because people in China are limited to this microblogging site (aka Twitter’s Chinese knockoff), we are always interested on everything that is posted on the site. Just yesterday, we saw a side-by-side photo comparison of the Galaxy S8, Note 7, and Galaxy S8+. Some people are saying it is photoshopped. We don’t believe everything published on Weibo but this new set of photos got us scratching our heads.

Why, a purported clone of the yet-to-be-unveiled Samsung Galaxy S8 has been shown off. The images come from China and we’re not surprised wny the clone came out first before the actual product. We’re not saying this is real but it’s funny and annoying at the same time. It’s a laughable matter but such major leak–if the clone is actually an exact copy of the real Galaxy S8– can be annoying not only for the South Korean tech giant. This compromises the integity of whoever is responsible but then again, the Chinese are really good when it comes to these things.

Anyway, the fake Samsung Galaxy S8 looks a bit different to the earlier leaked set but the phone again boasts of the familiar Samsung build. The slim bezels, rounded edges, fingerprint sensor at the back, and the missing home button remind us of the Galaxy S8 we’ve been describing.

At the moment, we’re curious why it’s different from the leaked phone yesterday. And as for the idea there is a major leakage, we’ll leave Samsung to deal with that. We’re certain this isn’t the first time and Samsung isn’t the only victim.

VIA: Weibo