We shouldn’t care much about non-Android phones but we don’t think we’ll ever get away from the latest iPhones being compared to the newest Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. You can see the schedule of releases of both devices in two ways: the iPhone is ahead of the Galaxy S or the other way around. Since last year, the iPhone 7 is out in the market before the Galaxy S8 was introduced.

The gap further stretched because Samsung skipped the usual MWC unveiling to after a few weeks later. We can’t help but compare the two as they are still the closest rivals.

It’s the iPhone 7 versus the Galaxy S8. The phone from the South Korean tech giant is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 while the device from Cupertino is powered by Apple 10. We’re naturally curious and good thing Tom’s Guide went ahead to test the two premium smartphones today.

Five tests were done by Tom’s Guide to know the Video-Editing Speed, App Opening Speed, Camera Launch Time, WiFi-Speed, and Gaming Performance. The results are more favorable for the Samsung Galaxy S8 except in one area. Video-Editing Speed is faster on the iPhone 7 which opened an app to add a filter on a 5-minute 4K video to 720p. Meanwhile, the Samsung phone finished after over 8 minutes. The difference is significant that we want to know how Apple made it possible.

The iPhone 7 also wins in the gaming performance category but the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the clear winner here.

VIA: Tom’s Guide