The Note 7 brouhaha is definitely over. Samsung and mobile carriers may still be campaigning for Note 7 owners to return their units but at least now we know the main reason for the overheating and explosions. Actually, we already knew about that but the South Korean tech giant still needed to confirm by doing official investigations by third-party groups. And so that part is done. Samsung now needs to focus on the upcoming Galaxy S8 and regain the customer’s confidence.

Samsung needs time to thoroughly prepare and test the Galaxy S8 to ensure there won’t be complaints about the battery. The device has been confirmed to delayed but we heard an idea that it will be present at the MWC but not for the big public. We’ve been seeing numerous leaks and renders lately and we have a feeling prototypes will be leaked soon. If not the phones then maybe new protective cases and covers.

MobileFun UK recently showed off a phone case that it is said to be for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. They look legit but what is interesting really is the hole found on the bottom of the case. It appears to be for an S-Pen similar to what the previous Notes have.

We can’t say if the display is curved just by checking the phone cases. We can say though the Galaxy S8’s size will be close to the S7. There’s still the idea of a Plus version which we’re assuming is the bigger sibling. The possible presence of the S Pen could make it an alternative to the Note device. Samsung will still release a Note 8 but it needs to be more prepared and careful.

A Galaxy S8 with a stylus pen (S Pen) is more than welcome but if true, then we’ll be more curious as to how the Note 8 will be different. We know it won’t deviate from the more recent Note devices. It will still have a 3.5mm jack, USB-C port, and a speaker grill.