As we wait for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to finally hit the streets, the Korean OEM will of course continue to bombard us with all the great features that their new flagship devices can offer. Today they’re talking about all the intuitive functions that are built-in to the devices so that it can be accessible and functional even for people who may have visual or hearing impairments, as well as ordinary users that may want a slightly different way of using the device.

Well we all already know about Bixby (and the slight controversy behind it) but it also has a Vision function which lets you have image-based searching and even image-based shopping. It can also give you auditory information of what the camera sees, so those with visual impairments can still somewhat see what the phone is looking at. Meanwhile the DeX function allows you to connect your phone to a larger screen (like a monitor) and to choose how to control it, whether it’s with the keyboard or your mouse.

The phones also have a High Contrast Theme which is useful not just for those with reduced vision capabilities, but also those who want to reduce eye fatigue when reading in dark environments or for a long period of time. Samsung also has a built-in magnifying glass for those small texts that are difficult to read and a Magnified Widget that you can use to zoom in on small text and even apply color filters. Meanwhile, the Voice Assistant will read aloud the content that are under your finger. The Color Adjustment function fine tunes the colors on your screen so you can read the text better.

For those with hearing impairments, it has the Sound Detector function which gives you on-screen notifications if a doorbell is ringing or a baby is crying. There is also the Universal Switch function so you can chose the device interaction method, like tapping the screen or using the front camera to detect head movements, or you can even add an external input device. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ is expected to be available this weekend in selected markets.

SOURCE: Samsung


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