We don’t know if you’ve had enough of Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks already, but from all the information out there, it looks like any one of those could be the right one. Another leak, this time of the glass display covers purportedly for Samsung’s next flagship may give us an idea as to what the device will look like up front. And for something solid, Samsung has already applied for registration for the Galaxy S8 brand name.

There’s always a chance that this year – or any year, for that matter – might be the year that Samsung will change its branding strategy for its flagship phones. But if you were holding your breath for that, there is no need – we will still be getting a Samsung Galaxy flagship this year. Samsung has already registered the Galaxy S8 brand name with the US Patent and Trademark Office. For juicier stuff, look at the image below.

These glass covers can be any of these things – they might be screen protectors, or protective layers to keep the glass scratch free until it is ready for final placement. But whatever it is, the leakers claim these are for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. If true, those are truly small bezels on that display. Also, the number of sensors on top of the screen is more than what you would normally find there.

Does this show us what the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus would eventually look like? Take this with a fistful of salt. But with all the leaks pointing to smaller bezels on the next Samsung flagship, one of these is bound to be right.

VIA: Galaxy Club, SlashGear