With people still being extremely disappointed with the failure of the Galaxy Note 7 and its fire-catching battery, Samsung needs a way to appease their loyal users (if there are still any left after this). One thing that they’re rumored to be doing is to make their upcoming new flagship, the Galaxy Note 8, to be better than ever. And rumors are flying that they will be bringing a Note-like bigger screen to the smartphone, set to be launched sometime in the next few months

According to The Bell, Samsung will be releasing two variants of their flagship device, a 5.7-inch and a bigger 6.2-inch smartphone. In comparison, the current flagship, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is at 5.1 inches and 5.7 inches respectively. Having a bigger screen for next year’s new phones may very well satisfy the Note customers who were frustrated with how things turned out with the Galaxy Note 7. And as evidenced by recent surveys, it seems that consumers prefer the phablet-like screen sizes on their phones.

The phone size itself will not change but the bezel-less design will allow for the removal of the home button from the bottom of the screen. This means that you will have a more immersive viewing experience when you’re watching your favorite series or when you’re browsing the Internet on it. Samsung is also rumored to be applying the curved screen design already to the basic smartphone, getting rid of the edge variant altogether.

They are also reportedly planning to bring a new naming scheme to the new devices, but it will probably involve something with the name “Plus”.

VIA: The Investor