Since Samsung is still one of the top Android device makers, people are excited about the next premium flagship. Much has been said about the Galaxy S7 and its sibling, the Galaxy S7 edge, and we’re hoping it will be just a few more weeks before the official launch. We were told not to expect the new S7 variants at the MWC but we’ve been hearing a possible February 21 event. We don’t care much when Samsung will make an announcement but we’re more interested about how the new S7 handsets will impress the mobile industry.

The Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and the edge+ were clear winners but the company didn’t hit target sales mainly because of the premium prices. Samsung has been getting a lot of competition the past few years so fans are hoping the tech giant at least lower the prices. We’ve been saying that’s the only way Samsung would remain on top but we’re hoping the S7 variants would make a better impression. Earlier, we showed you leaked images of the S7 and the camera module. This time, more information from a supposed Samsung employee.

This unloyal employee said that the Galaxy S7, all variants of the flagship phone, will boast of a black chassis, giving off a premium look and feel. What’s interesting is that the smartphones are believed to have a 12MP camera instead of the previous 16MP shooter. The Samsung employee said the new S7 phones would focus more on imaging and mobile photography. The company slogan would be “On the night” which could mean the S7 is perfect to capture night photos or use even low light conditions. You see, it’s not always about having the highest megapixels. Phone cameras are actually about the technology, capacity, and sensor size. We know the S7 could be a mobile photographer’s best friend because it’s rumored to use a dual pixel auto focus. That’s something like what Canon DSLR cameras have. Such technology is described to offer more vivid colors, as well as, noise reduction.

The Samsung employee also shared the S7 will arrive in four color options: Gold, White, Silver, and Black. Phone will be water- and dust-proof and will feature a hybrid dual SIM slot and a bigger storage capacity. Should we expect the new S7 phones at the Samsung Unpacked 2016? Yes, definitely. The Mobile World Congress won’t be the same without Samsung making a big announcement so let’s just wait and see.

VIA: PhoneArena


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