Ok, before you raise your eyebrows at the word “hack”, we understand that users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are very iffy about doing stuff to the hardware of their smartphones that cost them over USD$600. The people at SIMORE made sure that this new accessory does not harm your hardware in anyway, but it gives you something you might want – that is, dual SIM capability on your Galaxy S7.


This SIMORE accessory is nothing more than a thin strip of flat ribbon wiring – the same as the kind you’d find inside a phone – to connect your phone’s proper SIM card slot to a dual-SIM card tray. At the head of a connector is a faux-card that makes the initial connection inside the proper SIM card tray of the Galaxy S7, and the dual SIM tray rests outside the device entirely. The caveat is that this accessory assumes you will be using a protective case for your Galaxy S7, being that most of the accessory hangs outside your phone and needs some sort of covering.

The accessory will need an unlocked phone, of course – not one locked to any mobile carrier. The accessory uses standard SIM-reading tech, and it supports all the given standards from GSM to 3G WCDMA, HSDPA, and 4G LTE, and will accept SIM cards in nano SIM and micro SIM formats. The last caveat, as shown in the video, is that since the Galaxy S7 standard variant doesn’t have software provisions for dual SIM standby, you will have to restart the device to switch to your second SIM.


Folks in the US aren’t really big on going dual SIM, but outside the US, going dual SIM is a definite advantage. If you travel outside the country a lot, this accessory will be a boon to you as well. Come to think about it, if you use this on the dual SIM variant of the Galaxy S7, you get to have three SIMs in there, totally bonkers.

VIA: SlashGear