Android 7.0 Nougat is ready for the Galaxy S7. It’s still on beta build but there’s a small issue that’s been bugging some users. After the update, the phone runs at a lower resolution. It’s set by default that way but don’t worry as you can still manipulate the display settings yourself. It’s just that it can be a hassle for some and puzzling for those who use their devices and take seriously the display quality.

The Nougat for Galaxy S7 brings an updated user interface. On the display settings, you can change the font, graphics, as well as the resolution of the display. All these features have been added to save battery. You can choose from HD to Full HD to Quad HD as the ultimate display. Default used to be 1440p but with the Nougat update, it goes down to 1080p. We’re not sure if this is one of the major changes but the Android 7.0 version is still on its beta phase.

Most people won’t really care about the resolution because their naked eyes can’t tell. It will only matter if you are talking about its effect on battery life. It may be lengthened but maybe not as significantly.

We’re okay with 1080p on a 5.1-inch display. Display at 720p may be too low as display may be pixelated in some areas. Honestly, hi-res graphic display will mostly be needed only when watching a movie or playing graphic-heavy games. Display resolution can be controlled now with the Nougat on Galaxy S7. That’s nice of Samsung to give the consumers option so don’t panic if you see your premium S7 suddenly have lower-res graphics.

VIA: Android Central


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