A few days ago, Samsung released updates with Blueborne vulnerability fix. The devices included the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S7 phones, and the Galaxy A5. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is also said to have gotten the Blueborne patch recently but the update has yet to arrive for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Well, good news: the much-awaited updates are now available for the two. Specifically, the firmware versions G920FXXU5EQI6 and G925FXXU5EQI6 are available with the newest security patch.

The particular Blueborne fixes available for all unbranded models of the Galaxy S6. We can expect the same update will be ready for versions from other mobile carriers such as T-Mobile or Vodafone. A notification or alert should be received anytime soon but feel free to check settings or download manually.

Don’t be confused if you see the G920FXXU5EQI6 or G925FXXU5EQI6 version on your phone. The two were released last month as part of the Security Maintenance Release (SMR) but they didn’t include the Blueborne patch yet.

With the patch versions, we’re hopeful that more Samsung Galaxy phones will be secure from that BlueBorne vulnerability. This way, no more remote hackers can gain access or control of the phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device.

VIA: Galaxy Club


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