Mophie has been one of the cooler brands to go to if you wanted your phone to have a protective casing and extra battery power on the go. Now we’re looking at a quirky-shaped phone like Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge – which doesn’t have normal edges, of course – and see how it would look like with Mophie’s newly-designed Juice Packs especially for Samsung’s edgy flagship alternative.


Lest you think less of the impressive Galaxy S6 Edge, there have been no reports (so far) of battery troubles and lack in this model yet. Seems like the internal, non-replaceable 2,600mAh (read: hard to get at) battery seems to do the job. But it’s always good to have some extra juice up your sleeve, eh? Enter Mophie’s new Juice Pack.


Like the models that came before it, this one promises an additional 3,300mAh (that’s more than twice) of power for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This might not be something you really need, but it just gives you confidence of not running out of power through the day. Hey, you already have 2,600mAh internally. Who doesn’t want additional battery power?


And if it comes in a cool package like this, you gotta sign us up. You can purchase the case-slash-extra battery through Mophie online, and it will set you back USD$99.95. Would you get one at that price? We sure are tempted.

VIA: SlashGear