Samsung has just rolled out an update to its S Health app for the Galaxy S5 that puts the heart rate monitor to more use. Aside from giving you an indication of your heart’s performance, it can now also help you monitor your stress levels.

The heart rate monitor on Samsung’s flagship is, primarily, geared towards the lifestyle of more active, or at least more health conscious, users. But now, that sensor can be put to a new yet still related use that can benefit even users who aren’t into sports or fitness tracking.

A new section of the S Health app lets users have access to Stress monitoring. It can determine how low or high your stress levels are using that sensor, most likely by measuring blood flow rate the same way it measures heart rate. It can also make a chart that plots out your stress levels per day, week, or month, giving you an easy reference and log book.

That said, such handy tools do not replace a professional health care worker. Stress is a very variable physiological manifestation of psychological conditions and can sometimes even be faked, let alone misinterpreted, so always take it with a grain of salt. That said, the charting function is indeed a very nice touch that could offer users a bird’s eye view of their highs and lows over a given period of time.

VIA: Sammy Hub