We’ve seen a handful of official Galaxy S5 videos from Samsung. Those earlier videos have included the official introduction and the official hands-on. The one that has arrived today is a television commercial and clocks in at 30-seconds in length. Samsung begins with mention of “meaningful innovation” and then goes on to highlight a few of the features.

There is talk of the “state-of-the-art” camera and heart rate sensor, as well as the IP67 rating. Viewers are also reminded of the 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display. But perhaps key for this commercial — Samsung gives a nice overview of the device, which has us believing Samsung is showing off the design just as much as the specific features.

Anyway, the video is currently available on the Samsung Mobile YouTube page and will likely begin airing on television. Compared to some of the earlier commercials from Samsung — this one seems rather mild. Of course, this is likely just the beginning of Galaxy S5 promos and the Apple bashing may continue with future commercials.


The Galaxy S5 pre-orders are well underway here in the US and the handset should actually be available for purchase rather soon. We’ve recently been seeing some early reviews of the device, and will suggest keeping an eye on the Galaxy S5 tag here on Android Community because we should have our hands-on and first impressions coming a bit later today.