The Galaxy S5 rumors are coming in quickly now that a launch is expected soon. This time around, we find that the device may not launch at MWC this year. In a bold move that could overshadow the entire event, it seems as though Samsung may debut their new flagship the day before MWC.

 We find this via Eldar Murtazin, who you may remember from the Galaxy S4 rumors of 2013. He correctly noted the launch date for that device, which either means he should get involved with sports betting, or has inside information about Samsung. We’ll take the inside info angle, here.

The device is said to launch at a Samsung event on February 23, the day before MWC begins. Furthermore, Murtazin says the device will be “in stores” by May, though he hasn’t outlined a launch timetable for us. The Galaxy S4 had a mammoth worldwide launch, with Samsung putting a reported $12 billion behind it. The same could be happening here, but time will tell.

The device specs are not known yet, but we’re hearing it will come in both plastic and metal, and sport a slightly bigger screen than the S4. Newer rumors put the bold Snapdragon 805 and Adreno 330 inside, with 3GB RAM and a 16MP shooter around back.

Various other reports suggest we’ll see (pun intended) an iris scanner, but we’re also hearing Samsung has ditched that idea in favor of the new darling of mobile tech, a fingerprint scanner. Adding more intrigue, Murtazin also says there will also be a new TouchWiz interface for the S5, which we hope brings that magazine UI from their new tablets.
VIA: GSM Arena