The Samsung Galaxy S5 might appear to us a very slight upgrade, but it also may have just proved itself more than worthy in testing. When it comes to screen quality and battery life, the Galaxy S5 is tops. In separate tests, battery life on the S5 was shown to be better than other devices, and both screen resolution and color reproduction are touted as best in class.

Screen testing showed that the S5 is the brightest on test, with a 698 cd/m2 brightness. DisplayMate also talks up the S5’s color reproduction, and even note serious photographers might like Samsung’s choice to go with Adobe’s RGB Prfessional Photo Mode over the standard sRGB. Minimal screen reflectiveness also won praise for the Galaxy S5, which goes on sale soon.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.56.29 AM

Battery test results proved equally as impressive, with the S5 at or near the top in several categories. The testing, done by, ran various devices through a litany of tests like talk time, internet browsing, and gaming. When it came to talk time, the S5 was on par with the Note 3, and was far and away the best 3D gaming smartphone around. Internet browsing was equally impressive, though the iPhone 5S won that round.

Two categories that typically give each other fits, and the S5 takes honors in each. While we can’t swear to the device’s prowess until we see a final version in the hands of consumers, these are promising tests that show just how nice the upgrade is for the Galaxy S family.