The folks at iFixit are back with another device teardown. This latest is for the Samsung Galaxy S5, a device we are currently taking a look at ourselves. Except in our case, we certainly aren’t going to be cracking it open. That last thought rings especially true after seeing the assigned repairability score — a 5 out of 10.

We still have to believe many are looking towards these iFixit teardowns to see a device in a way they wouldn’t otherwise get to see. Or in other words, they are simply checking out the images as opposed to preparing to do surgery on their personal device. But regardless of which path you’re heading down — these iFixit teardowns have quite a bit to offer.

It seems there may be a bit of good news for those looking to repair a broken display. The teardown mentioned how the “display is now one of the first components out, making replacements a little faster.” Taking that as the silver lining side, there was also mention of how the display is “held in with a significant amount of adhesive.” Essentially that means you’ll need to be very careful. Or maybe go looking for a professional to do the job.

Another interesting takeaway fro the Galaxy S5 teardown is how the display will need to be removed for any other repairs. This brings some additional potential for damage, and again, means users may want to let a professional do the teardown should they find themselves in a situation where work is needed and not covered by the warranty. Anyway, as usual, we suggest hitting the iFixit link sitting below to check out the full set of images.

SOURCE: iFixit